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Table 1 Organ specific death rate per 105 and major risk factor in 2005 [1, 2]

From: Cancer in Japan: Prevalence, prevention and the role of heterocyclic amines in human carcinogenesis

Organ Death rate Risk factor
Lung 49.2 Smoking
Stomach 39.9 H. pylori, Smoking, Salt,
Colorectum 32.4 Alcohol drinking, Smoking, Overweight, Physical activity,
Liver 27.2 HCV, HBC, Alcohol drinking, Smoking,
Pancreas 18.2 Smoking
Breast 16.6 Alcohol, Overweight
Prostate 15.0  
Bladder, bile duct 13.1  
Kidney,Urater, Urinary bladder 9.6 Smoking, Overweight,
Uterus 8.3 HPV
Esophagus 8.9 Smoking, Alcohol drinking
Ovary 6.9  
Oral cavity, Pharynx 4.5 Smoking, Alcohol drinking