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Table 2 Summary of the induction of MNi and gH2AX foci

From: High-content imaging analyses of γH2AX-foci and micronuclei in TK6 cells elucidated genotoxicity of chemicals and their clastogenic/aneugenic mode of action

Classs Chemicals Results
MN induction gH2AX focus induction
Non-genotoxins SDS Neg. Neg.
NaCl Neg. Neg.
D-Man Neg. Neg.
NA Neg. Neg.
Clastogens MMS Pos. Pos.
ENU Pos. Pos.
MMC Pos. Pos.
CDDP Pos. Pos.
CPT Pos. Pos.
ETP Pos. Pos.
BaP Pos. Pos.
CP Pos. Pos.
PhIP Pos. Pos.
Aneugens COL Pos. Neg.
VBS Pos. Neg.
GF Pos. Neg.
PT Pos. Neg.