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Fig. 5

From: Purification and interactions of the MucA’ and MucB proteins constituting the DNA polymerase RI

Fig. 5

Specific inhibition of the MucB-MucA’ protein interaction. Similar amounts of MucA’ protein were immobilized on the surface of CM5 sensor chip in all four flow cells (Fc1, 7141 RU; Fc2, 6730 RU; Fc3, 6782 RU; Fc4, 6491 RU). The analysis was performed sequentially in separate flow cells in the order Fc4, Fc3, Fc2 and Fc1 as follows: Fc4, only MucB (0.12 μM) was injected; Fc3, MucB (0.12 μM) premixed with MucA’ (0.15 μM as a dimmer) were injected; Fc2, MucB (0.12 μM) premixed with β-subunit (0.3 μM) were injected; Fc1, MucB (0.12 μM) was injected over the surface pretreated with 10x diluted MucA’ antiserum resulting in binding of 7813 RU of MucA’ antibodies to the surface. The sensograms on the figure are labeled with the appropriate protein combinations injected over the corresponding flow cell surface

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