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Table 2 Solid cancer mortality in the lifespan study of A-bomb survivors compared to Japanese cancer mortality. Japanese average cancer deaths were calculated by dividing cancer deaths by total deaths each year during 1958–2009 [19]

From: Black rain in Hiroshima: a critique to the Life Span Study of A-bomb survivors, basis of the linear no-threshold model

ReportersYearSurvey periodNo. hibakusha or [NIC]No. cancer deaths (%)% Japanese average cancer deaths
Preston et al. [20]20071958–1998105,427 [25,427]17,448 (16.6b) [3994 (15.7b)]21.4 (1958–1998)
Ozasa et al. [21]20121958–200386,611 [26,529]10,929 (12.6b) [NAa]22.3 (1958–2003)
Grant et al. [22]20171958–200980,205 [25,239]17,316 (21.5b) [5222 (20.6b)]23.3 (1958–2009)
  1. a, not available; b, statistically significant at P<0.01 (chi-square test)