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Table 1 Flavor chemicals in which Ames test was newly conducted.

From: Screening for Ames mutagenicity of food flavor chemicals by (quantitative) structure-activity relationship

No. JECFA No. Chemical Name CAS No. Purity (%) Supplier Categorya
I 470 2-[(methylthio)methyl]-2-butenal 40878-72-6 98.1 T. HASEGAWA CO.,LTD. Aliphatic higher aldehydes
II 687 4'-methoxycinnamaldehyde 1963-36-6 98 Alfa Aesar Aromatic aldehydes
III 1208 4-methyl-2-pentenal 5362-56-1 99.2 T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD. Aliphatic higher aldehydes
IV 1451 4-methoxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2H)-furanone 4077-47-8 97 Tokyo Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. Ketones
V 1456 2,5-dimethyl-4-oxo-3(5H)-furyl acetate 4166-20-5 >95 Takata Koryo Co., Ltd. Esters
VI 1506 3-acetyl-2,5-dimethylfuran 10599-70-9 98 Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Ketones
VII 2101 furfuryl formate 13493-97-5 >98.9 T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD. Esters
VIII 2144 methyl beta-phenylglycidate 37161-74-3 99.8 T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD. Esters
IX 2157 6-methoxyquinoline 5263-87-6 98.9 Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Ethers
X - 2-methylquinoline 91-63-4 98 Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Not classified b
  1. a Eighteen categories (and other than specified else) classified according to their substructures defined in the Japanese Food Sanitation Law
  2. b Not applicable to flavor chemical in Japan