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10th Anniversary Special Issue
Calling for submissions by 30 April 2016

JEMS Open Symposium 2015: “Life Style and Cancer”
Collection published: 22 January 2016

Asian Conference on Environmental Mutagens (ACEM2014)
Collection published: 1 August 2015


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Genes and Environment transferred to publishing with BioMed Central in 2015 after being self published since 2006. All back content is available in the archive.

Aims and scope

Genes and Environment is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that aims to accelerate communications among global scientists working in the field of genes and environment. The journal publishes articles across a broad range of topics including environmental mutagenesis and carcinogenesis, environmental genomics and epigenetics, molecular epidemiology, genetic toxicology and regulatory sciences.

BioMed Central author academy

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Society information

The mission of the Japanese Environmental Mutagens Society is to discover how environmental mutagens affect all organisms, and to promote and apply this knowledge to protect human health and our environment. The Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society was founded in 1972, and since then the society has hosted annual conferences and open symposia on timely topics. The society is a member of the Asian Association of the Environmental Mutagen Societies and the International Association of Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Societies.

Society news

18 February 2016: JEMS are delighted to announce that Genes and Environment has now been accepted for indexing in PubMed Central

04 February 2016: Genes and Environment is calling for submissions to an article collection for the10th anniversary of "Genes and Environment" (after renaming from "Environmental Mutagen Research" in 2006). The submission deadline is 30 April 2016.

02 November 2015: Genes and Environment is collecting articles from speakers at the JEMS Open Symposium 2015 “Life Style and Cancer”. The submission deadline is 31st December 2015 for articles to be included in this special collection.

22 July 2015: The "Genes and Environment 2014 Best Paper Award" has been given to Matsuda et al. "An Easy-to-use Genotoxicity Assay Using EGFP-MDC1-expressing Human Cells". The award ceremony was held at the 44th Annual Meeting in Fukuoka, Japan.

Editor's profile

Professor Takashi Yagi heads the Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan. His laboratory, Molecular and Cellular Genetics, performs molecular studies on DNA damage and mutations, and on substances disturbing human epigenetic and transcriptional systems.