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Table 1 The FA gene products and their functions

From: Importance of finding the bona fide target of the Fanconi anemia pathway

FA protein (alias) Function
FANCA FA core complex
FANCB FA core complex
FANCC FA core complex
FANCD1 (BRCA2) Homologous recombination
FANCD2 ID complex
FANCE FA core complex
FANCF FA core complex
FANCG FA core complex
FANCI ID complex
FANCJ (BRIP1) Homologous recombination
FANCL FA core complex, ubiquitin ligase
FANCM FA core complex, helicase
FANCN (PALB2) Homologous recombination
FANCO (RAD51C) Homologous recombination
FANCP (SLX4) ICL unhooking
FANCQ (ERCC4/XPF) ICL unhooking, structure-specific endonuclease
FANCR (RAD51) Homologous recombination
FANCS (BRCA1) Homologous recombination
FANCT (UBE2T) Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
FANCU (XRCC2) Homologous recombination
FANCV (MAD2L2/REV7) Translesion synthesis
FANCW (RFWD3) Homologous recombination, ubiquitin ligase