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Fig. 4

From: Purification and interactions of the MucA’ and MucB proteins constituting the DNA polymerase RI

Fig. 4

SPR analysis of interactions of MucB protein with MucA’, β and RecA proteins. The refolded MucB protein was injected simultaneously over the surface of four flow cells of the CM5 sensor chip immobilized with different proteins as described under “Experimental Procedures”. The increase in response signal [RU] during injection shows the kinetic of binding to the surface and the difference in signal before and after injection reflects the amount of MucB protein bound to the surface. The presented data are curves adjusted by subtracting the response curve in the control blank cell with immobilized BSA, to which MucB protein showed no binding, using the Pharmacia Biosensor kinetics software (BIAevaluation 2.1)

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