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Table 2 Mutagenic potencies of tested compounds in standard TA1535 and TA100 versus new Ames tester strains overexpressing the episomal Y-family DNA polymerases. Data from tests conducted in the presence of the lac promoter inducer as described under Material and Methods are added for comparison in the columns under the IPTG label. The lac promoter drives the expression of the activated forms of DNA polymerases RI* and SamA’B overexpressed in the strains YG9028 and YG9029, respectively

From: Effect of episomally encoded DNA polymerases on chemically induced mutagenesis at the hisG46 target in Ames test

Compound Specific mutagenicity [revertants/plate/nmole]
TA1535 TA100 YG9028 YG9029
AF-2 *) 18,788 16,381 10,697 5113 1961 3723
MMS 0.103 0.099 0.205
AFB1 846 692
1,8-DNP 38,465 53,033 2595 neg. 3782 14,195
AG 1.047 1.151 0.817 0.646 0.42 0.128 0.753 0.464
  1. *) only zero plus 2 first doses used for the calculations due to nonlinearity at higher doses