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Table 6 Expression status of SAF1 and RLM1 during stress condition (source: yStreX (

From: Genetic interaction between RLM1 and F-box motif encoding gene SAF1 contributes to stress response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gene Class Sub – class Control Case Strain Log –FC P-value
RLM1 Cultivation Fermentation 2 day 14 days 285 2.282 0
SAF1 Extra stress Desiccation Control 100% BY4743 2.142 6.IE-13
SAF1 Limiting Amino acid
(AA- Lim)
SD media
15 min and W303a 2.224 5.4E-11
SAF1 Media SD YPD 15 min and SD media BY4741 2.224 5.4E-11
SAF1 Inhibitor Rapamycin Control 200 ng/ml BY4741 2.057 9.91154747E-6
SAF1 Temperature 37 °C 25 °C 5 min BY4741 2.006 4.88851412E-6
SAF1 Inorganic Hydrogen peroxide Control 0.4 mM BY4741 2.185 8.132709E-8