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Correction to: Low-dose radiation from A-bombs elongated lifespan and reduced cancer mortality relative to un-irradiated individuals

The original article was published in Genes and Environment 2018 40:26

Correction: Genes Environ.

In the original publication of this article [1], the author pointed out the reference list mismatched citations in the main text. All citations and references have been updated.

In Table 1, the data is in incorrect volume. The correct table is below.

Table 1 Comparison of solid cancer mortality in the lifespan study of A-bomb survivors with Japanese cancer mortality. Japanese average cancer deaths were calculated by dividing cancer deaths by total deaths each year during 1958–2009 [2]. Averages corresponding to survey periods were determined

The publisher apologizes to the readers and author for the inconvenience.

The original publication has been corrected.


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